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You have stumbled across our site and are about to open up your horizons to so much more positivity and change.

Our names are Abbas & Safa Al-Chami and we have been Online Wealth coaches and Mentors since January 2018.

When we first started our online journey we basically had no experience within the online space. We had no idea what sales and marketing were what so ever but we were willing to apply ourselves to change our lifestyle.

Formally a Security Guard working 65 hours a week and a Childcare Educator working 45 hours a week while having Two children to raise and having to split our time equally was nothing short of impossible.

We were sick of working for the man while somebody else raised our children. We wanted to dedicate our lives to educating our children ourselves, I mean we did not sign up for having children not to spend time with them, right?

We found a mentor that could help us attain success and through his mentorship and guidance we did!

Within the first 6 months, we found that we were able to replace our full-time incomes combined. That was enough for us to quit working Jobs we hated and weren't passionate about.

Within our first 12 months of being Online, we achieved 6 figures and we had a massive team of over 100 people who were on the same success Journey as we were.

Now  4 years on, Our team is 250 people Strong and still growing each and every single day!

We have traveled to multiple countries, Spoken on multiple stages and inspired billions, bought a brand new car, and not to mention we welcomed our third child in May 2020.

The best part of it all is that we get to spend every single day doing what we love with the people we love most.

Where could you be if you took the chance we did 3 years ago TODAY!

The only way to find out is to take the initiative in your life and CHANGE TODAY!


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